Head Hunting is a service that includes the search, identification, evaluation and selection of candidates for a particular position or office.


Its success requires fully understanding the characteristics of the position and the hiring company, along with a deep knowledge of the markets it is researching, and the strengths, weaknesses and possible motivations for change for the professionals identified and evaluated. At C Talent we focus on the search for the C levels in organizations.


Our experience in the search and selection of senior executives and directors, our extensive network of contacts, and knowledge of various companies and their organizational cultures, allow us to offer our clients an effective and high quality head hunting service.


We are able to detect talents through various and innovative search strategies and then make a selection using proven effective evaluation methodologies.


Our work does not end in hiring the most suitable candidate. We continue to monitor the adequacy of the candidate for the position, their supervisors and the company, through regular contacts with the placed candidate and the hiring client. If the candidate hired through our service does not meet the client’s expectations and is let go before completing 12 months from the day of recruitment, we promise to conduct a new search at no additional cost to the client.


We also support the internal head hunting, looking for talent within the organization.