Head Hunting is a service that includes the search, identification, evaluation and selection of candidates for a particular position or office.


Its success requires fully understanding the characteristics of the position and the hiring company, along with a deep knowledge of the markets it is researching, and the strengths, weaknesses and possible motivations for change for the professionals identified and evaluated. At C Talent we focus on the search for the C levels in organizations.
Our experience in the search and selection of senior executives and directors, our extensive network of contacts, and knowledge of various companies and their organizational cultures, allow us to offer our clients an effective and high quality head hunting service….

We support our clients throughout the diagnosis and evaluation of their senior management cadres with Management Assessment, based on 360°…

A Senior Management Succession Planning is the systematic process of identifying high-potential executives existing inside or outside the organization…

Coaching is the systematic process of exchanging experiences and techniques that aims at specifically helping an executive to improve the effectiveness of their management behavior….


We help our client in their comprehensive talent management, through our Headhunting, Management Assessment, Coaching and Succession Planning services. We build long term relationships, and we are their strategic partners in building senior management cadres.


Our partners are PrimAmérica Consultants; Jorge Marin M., with extensive and successful experience as an executive in senior management positions in multinational companies; and Magdalena Fernandez M., Rose Marie Blanc S. and Beatriz Birrell R., senior consultants with experience in renowned head hunting companies.